GROUPE ROYALTY offers a diverse range of high-end steel doors and is known to be the best on the market thanks to their specific technical characteristics. Manufactured in Québec, they are offered with many optional features that allow you to create a front door that perfectly matches your taste. Colours, stained glass, and other accessories come together to give your home character. In addition to their aesthetic qualities, GROUPE ROYALTY’s steel doors offer the following: R16 insulated steel panels, a 20-year guarantee on painted colour, triple weatherstripping and ball bearing hinges.

The interior frame of our front doors is covered with extruded aluminum, providing increased solidity and security. Another added value that makes our doors unique is that its frame is designed with an extruded aluminum adapter on the exterior which holds the aluminum flashing in place and avoids warping. All doors are ENERGY STAR certified and were tested for their heat-transfer rate, their energy rating and their airtightness. These energy-efficiency tests prove that our doors operate at the highest possible level of efficiency and are classified amongst the best in Canada.

Front door features:

  • R16 insulated steel panels with a 20-year guarantee on paint colour.
  • A 1 1⁄2 inch extruded aluminum flashing adapter.
  • An ENERGY STAR certified door sweep that prevents air infiltration under the front door.
  • Door frame made of jointed pine.
  • Triple weatherstripping with a weatherstrip at the door jamb and head.
  • Vinyl or aluminum-lined interior.
  • Innovative PVC or extruded aluminum exterior molding.
  • Neoprene membrane between the sill and jamb of the front door’s 2 bottom corners.
  • A dust cover at the bottom corners of the door’s exterior, vertically and horizontally aligned with thick strips/film.
  • PVC under each weatherstrip lining between the interior and exterior of the door’s exterior.

1. The aluminum on the exterior holds the cladding in place and keeps the jambs in alignment.
2. The interior PVC cladding, or optional extruded aluminum, ensures optimum security.
3. Triple weather stripping protects against extreme temperatures.
4. In-factory application of locks guarantees a perfect seal and impeccable finish.


  • Ball-bearing or decorative paint (option) available in a variety of finishes.
  • We offer a variety of high-end paint finishes. If you can’t find what you are looking for in our standard colour selection, our paint shop will find the perfect solution for you.
  • Anodized-treated door thresholds that provide protection against oxidation. Available upon request in black or white.
  • Hybrid molding for improved sealing. Available styles: Contemporary or colonial.
Front doors distributed by Groupe Royalty comply with the following regulations
pa lb/pi 2
Positive pressure calculation  1 920  40.0
Negative pressure calculation  -1920  -40.0
Performance test for WATER INFILTRATION  440  9
 Canadian air infiltration and exfiltration level A3

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