GROUPE ROYALTY thermo options

As stated in our Practical guide for windows, all GROUPE ROYALTY windows are Energy Star Certified and most are rated amongst the most energy-efficient windows by the Office of Energy Efficiency. All of our windows have Low-E argon gas injected between the panes. This type of window is commonly referred to as a high-energy performance window or as having low-emissivity glass.

The term ‘Low-E with Argon’ describes the combination of a low-emissivity (Low-E) coating and the air sealed between the panes being replaced with argon; an inert gas with low thermal conductivity.

The Low-E is a thin metallic oxide lining that is applied when the glass is still hot, in order for it to properly fuse. When solar rays encounter a surface and/or objet Low-E Argon windows act as a filter by turning short-wave infrared light into long-wave infrared light. Low-E glass allows the shortwave infrared rays to pass through (luminosity), while blocking longwave infrared rays (heat).

Argon is a gas with low thermal conductivity. When the air in a sealed unit is replaced with argon gas it reduces thermal energy loss, which in turn lowers electricity consumption needed for heating.

Low-E Thermos with Argon have excellent insulating properties, allowing for better thermal control and thus reduced electricity costs. This combination allows maximum luminosity throughout the year, while also keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

To adapt to your needs, we make it possible for you to customize your window with our diversified glazing options. These options, such as double-glazed, triple-glazed, and laminated, can be added to nearly all types of windows, with the exception of the triple-glazed which is only compatible with casement windows and awning windows. Additional to these options, you can add a double Low-E Argon layer, or a triple Low-E Argon layer for superior energy efficiency.

The benefits of a double-thermo window

All GROUPE ROYALTY windows are offered with double thermo. This sealed unit is 7/8 inches thick and consists of two glass panes separated by a black Technoform spacer. This thermo is the most popular and economical on the market, making it the perfect energy efficiency solution for Quebec’s climate.


Thermos double - Groupe Royalty

The triple-thermo window for unrivalled efficiency

In many locations, it can be very beneficial to opt for the triple-thermo window. This sealed unit is 1 ¼ inches thick and consists of three glass panes separated by two black Technoform spacers. The addition of a third glass pane significantly reduces thermal loss while at the same time increases the temperature of the interior glass. Triple-thermo (or glazed) windows are resistant to greater temperature variations which is reassuring for your comfort and they also increase energy efficiency. These highly insulated windows are the most popular choice for home owners residing on or near a body of water, or near open fields, where there are very strong winds. The triple-thermo option is only available for casement windows and awning windows.

Thermos triple - Groupe Royalty

Laminated glass for superior soundproofing

Laminated glass is the perfect solution for those looking to soundproof their windows while still benefiting from good energy efficiency and insulation. This type of glass is a sealed unit composed of three panes in which two are bonded together under high pressure using a PVB film, a synthetic thermoplastic polymer also known as poly (vinyl butyral). By increasing the soundproofing qualities of a sealed unit, disagreeable outside noise can be significantly reduced, which can be hugely beneficial for homes located near a busy street, a highway or a railway. Laminated glass is also considered to be burglar resistant because even if the glass is broken, the PVB film will stay intact and hold the pieces of glass together.

Thermos lamine - Groupe Royalty

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