Casement Windows

GROUPE ROYALTY’s most popular windows, the casement windows, are practical. They are more water-resistant and easy to maintain. In addition to being available in many customized options, making them the ideal window choice for any type of home. The fact that they are the best-performing and offer superior quality while being economical make these windows the most sought-after in the industry.


Manufactured in Quebec in our Saint-Laurent factory, and made entirely of quality materials, our casement windows are available in PVC or hybrid.

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is the most-used material in the industry, due to its resistance, durability and its excellent insulation properties. PVC windows are much better insulated, thereby reducing energy and heating costs. Available exclusively in white, PVC windows are the highest-performing windows on the market.

Hybrid windows are composed of a PVC centre and an extruded aluminium exterior, making them the perfect combination of the durability and insulated properties of PVC and the sturdiness and malleability of aluminium. Moreover, hybrid casement windows allow you to customize your window with five available standard colours: black, commercial brown, carbon, anodized and white.

Energy-efficient Performance

ENERGY STAR certified and conforming to CAN/CSA A440, GROUPE ROYALTY’s casement windows are perfectly suited to Quebec’s climate. In summer as much as in winter, they provide significant energy savings, due to their low E-argon coating thermos, making them the highest performing and most durable energy-efficient windows on the market.

Casement Window Performance Table
CAN/CSA A440-00 Standards Air-sealed Water-sealed Windproof Break-in
Hybrid A3 B7 C5 F20
All PVC A3 B7 C5 F20

Increased Security

Equipped with a stainless steel multipoint lock, these windows also offer a higher level of security. These multipoint locks feature an extra bolt against possible break-ins.

Optimized Ventilation

In addition to offering optimal sealing, GROUPE ROYALTY’s casement windows open completely, thereby maximizing air circulation.

Minimal and Easy Maintenance

With their innovative design, the casement windows open a full 90 degrees. Caring for your windows has never been this easy. Consult our window maintenance guide to help you preserve the quality of your windows. Casement windows are durable due to their stainless steel hardware.

Fenêtre - Entretien facile en acier inoxydable - Groupe Royalty

A Variety of Styles

All the windows at GROUPE ROYALTY share a similar interior design, making it easy to combine different models and customize your home according to your tastes. GROUPE ROYALTY is proud to offer 4 casement window collections that are found in our showroom.


The casement window in the ZEN Collection is elegant and contemporary, it’s a hybrid window composed of a PVC centre and an extruded aluminium exterior. It’s available in five standard colours: black, commercial brown, carbon, anodized and white. The ZEN Collection is very popular amongst homeowners seeking to modernize their home. The ZEN windows’ contemporary and elegant designs suit all types of architecture, making them a vital inclusion in our collections.

Fenêtre de la collection Zen - Type Battante - Groupe Royalty


The casement window in the URBAN Collection is an economical choice for homeowners seeking a modern look. Made entirely of PVC, this window is exclusively available in white. Its refined and modern design adapts easily to all types of homes, making it a popular choice among buyers.

Fenêtre de la collection Urbain - Type Battant - Groupe Royalty

Thermo Options

GROUPE ROYALTY casement windows can be adapted to fit your specific needs. You can opt for the double thermos, triple thermos, laminated thermos, or frosted glass. You also have the option of adding a double Low-E Argon layer, or even better, a triple Low-E Argon layer. It is also possible to have tiles in the Georgian style 5/8’’ and 1’’, Rectangular 5/16’’ or Tubular 1/4’’ offered in white, brass, silver, pewter or custom color. We also offer the option of simulated divided lites.

Window standard configuration

Configurations are always shown from exterior.

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