Why choose windows made by GROUPE ROYALTY?

We offer our clients expertise and a unique know-how in Quebec. Our wide range of windows combines modern designing with increased functionality. Our unique models are guaranteed 20 years and will stay with you throughout the seasons.


Toutes nos portes et fenêtres produites sont faites sur mesure, afin de s’assurer de répondre à vos besoins. Nous fabriquons des fenêtres de qualité et adaptées au climat québécois. Disponibles en PVC ou hybrides. Découvrez nos collections ZEN, et URBAINE !

Fenêtres Groupe Royalty


Fenêtres Groupe Royalty

La collection ZEN.
Regardless of the year of construction, the windows from our ZEN Collection will completely transform your house. The modern edges of the sash gives the windows an elegant and contemporary look which compliments every type of architecture, making the ZEN Collection a very popular option.
La collection PRESTIGE.
The PRESTIGE selection is elegant and traditional. This collection features hybrid windows with a colonial sash, which gives these windows the charm typical of traditional homes. Combining elegance and style, these windows have a sleek design that fits wonderfully with any type of property.

Fenêtres Groupe Royalty

La collection URBAIN.
The windows in the URBAN Collection are an efficient and economic choice for any homeowner seeking a modern and contemporary look. Made entirely of PVC, these windows are exclusively available in white. Its sleek and modern design adapts itself easily to all types of homes, making it a popular choice amongst buyers.

Fenêtres Groupe Royalty

La collection CLASSIQUE.
The windows in the CLASSIC Collection are economical, highly energy-efficient and aesthetic. Made entirely of PVC, these windows are exclusively available in white. Its colonial sash and classic design make this window the most popular for more traditional homes.


All our windows are made in Quebec, with attention to detail that makes them unique on the market. All our models combine modernity in design, technology and great functionality. Let yourself be seduced by the robustness of our windows. Guaranteed 20 years.

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