Are your doors and windows starting to look old and could probably use some repairs? After a certain number of years, it’s common to start seeing problems such as broken opening mechanisms, damaged frames, foggy windows, air infiltration. Or maybe you just find your doors and windows a little outdated? Repairs might be a temporary solution, but all these symptoms are often a sign that it’s time to act. When defects start adding up, a complete replacement becomes the ideal solution.

What should you do? Will you go with a repair or has the time to change your doors and windows finally arrived?

Don’t panic, GROUPE ROYALTY is here to guide you.

Changing One’s Doors and Windows: The Smart Decision!

Beautiful doors and windows direct from the manufacturer. That’s what GROUPE ROYALTY offers. Entirely custom designed according to your tastes! You wouldn’t believe how a simple change of doors and windows can give your home a whole new modern look!

A new line of windows offers better energy efficiency performance and even gives your property added value. In addition to being approved by ENERGY STAR, all the windows by GROUPE ROYALTY have a low E-argon coating thermos, also known as high energy performing windows or also low-e glass.

Financing Available – Up to 36 Months without Interest

At GROUPE ROYALTY, you can opt for a financing plan with Desjardins Accord D. We offer a selection of different plans, from deferred payment plans to equal payment plans. Don’t hesitate to consult your representative who is sure to find the right plan for your situation.

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Preserving The Charm

Worried about conserving the soul of your old windows? GROUPE ROYALTY offers two window collections, the PRESTIGE Collection and the CLASSIC Collection, which perfectly complement the authenticity and prestige that we find in the architecture of more traditional homes.

The PRESTIGE Collection

The PRESTIGE Collection features hybrid windows with a colonial sash in lightly rounded shapes, which gives these windows the charm typical of traditional homes. Ideal for prestigious windows with a classic look while benefiting from the energy performance we expect from today’s windows.

Fenêtre de la collection Prestige- Type Auvent - Groupe Royalty

The CLASSIC Collection

The windows in the CLASSIC Collection are made entirely of PVC, with a colonial sash in lightly rounded shapes that calls to mind the timeless architecture of more traditional homes. Its design makes this window the most popular for more traditional homes.

Fenêtre de la collection Classique - Type Battant - Groupe Royalty

A Fresh New Look

We also have two other collections, the ZEN Collection and the URBAN Collection, that offer windows of a more contemporary style that can immediately give your home a makeover, whatever year it was built!

The ZEN Collection

the ZEN Collection will put a modern touch that pulls off a magical makeover. This elegant and contemporary collection features hybrid windows with a flat and sleek contemporary sash that complements all types of architecture, making the ZEN Collection a must.

Fenêtre de la collection Zen - Type Battante - Groupe Royalty

The URBAN Collection

The URBAN Collection is an efficient and economic choice for any owner seeking a contemporary look. Made entirely of PVC, the sleek and modern cut of this window’s sash adapts itself easily to all types of homes, making it a popular choice amongst buyers.

Fenêtre de la collection Urbain - Type Auvent - Groupe Royalty

After-sales Support – Adjustments and Repairs

GROUPE ROYALTY offers all its clients an excellent after-sales support. Whether it’s a question or a problem that has surfaced after an installation, our customer service team is here to listen to your needs, and our experienced technicians will make any necessary adjustments and repairs.